Haselrigs Regiment of Foote

Haselrigs Regiment of foote

The London lobsters, Haselrig's Lobsters or just "Lobsters" were the name given to the cavalry unit of Sir Arthur Haselrig, a Parliamentarian who fought in the English Civil War.

Sir Arthur Haselrigs Blew Coats are one of the Sealed Knot’s newest units
We were formed in May 2007 as a Company within our host Regiment Tower Hamlets Trayned Bandes
The whole regiment is part of The Cittie of London Brigade in
The Army of Parliament

The members of the
Regimentcome mainly from Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Leicestershire but we do have members in Cornwall, Canterbury and Yorkshire
We have set ourselves two major goals; to be as authentically dressed as possible, and to keep the fun element of re-enactment right at the top of our agenda. To keep that fun element at “Musters”, as Sealed Knot battles are known, the whole regiment camp together and at larger events socialise together in our own party tent known as “Arthurs”

Arthurs is the social hub of all that goes on over the weekend, from breakfasting to late night cocktail hours, the men, women and children enjoy a full weekend of historically based activities

You may have seen the spectacular battles that the sealed knot puts on over the course of the summer, but that's just part of we at haselrigs do on our weekends

The secret of our success is we set out to enjoy going to some very spectacular locations, nornally unaccesible to the general public. We gather together with our tents, caravans and motorhomes, and relax in good company over 2 or 3 day events

There is something for all the family at these ' musters' which makes it all inclusive and fun

In the coming months we will have ' taster ' weekends for you to come as our guests and fully experience this unique and popular hobby

Haselrigs motto ' only in heaven '