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Whitsand Bay , Cornwall

A trip down to 'Poldark country' to celebrate a birthday was done in mid-march. The weather was kind to us. Many of the regiment took the opportunity to spend a long weekend holiday away.

We had an impromtu drill competition on the sunday up against the Cornish 32nd foote ( Napoleonics) which we believe was a first of its type in the country.  rgiments from different time era's went through their respective drill manuovers for the right to win The Rose Bowl (south west). Next year we will be up against 6 other regiments spanning hundreds of years of military history.


2015 events now being looked at, starting with the ever popular Nantwich weekend on January 24th and 25th. It looks like a trip into Germany is on the cards for early July in Delitzch , which should be a great event to start the 2015 campaigning season



The cannon crew will be making their way to Nantwich in Chehire for our annual winter pilgrimage. We will be all housed together in accommodation at the Railway Inn. Members will be arriving on the friday 23rd. saturday will see a parade through the streets of nantwich followed by an inspection from the town's dignitaries. An hours battle and drill competition in the afternoon , and much laughter and merriment throught the long winter evening