The Regiment will next gather at Newark in Nottinghamshire for a weekend of battles. Newark is an old favourite of ours going back some fifty years. A lovely part of the country steeped in history, with many from the English Civil War period.

Most of us will be travelling on the friday to set up camp




24th January NANTWICH 

Haselrigs annual winter pilgrimage to the North in a lovely market town


As it is the winter, we use local accommodation providers for the venu, of which some of our member have been going to for 35 years!


14th March

Rob's 60th birthday party at

Whitsand Bay Fort.Cornwall


2-4th May Large muster at

Newark , Nottinghamshire


Spring bank holiday Stanford Hall , Leicester


13-14th June Major muster at

Naseby , Northamptonshire


Early July

We head out to Delitzch, Germany for a 30 years war event and a holiday through

France and Germany


29-31st August Major muster at

Chester, Cheshire


Arthurs's bar goes global!
For those who have a sporting nature the London to Mongolia rally is a epic event....only open to cars up to 1000cc.

Two members of the Sealed Knot who are taking part will be sporting a Arthurs Bar sticker.  Steve Langham and his team will be driving a Ford B Max and his student son Rory with two friends in a 1998 VW Polo.

Both have been offered a great night in "Arthurs Bar" and all of Haselrigs some time next year.  Both teams are raising moneys for a nominated registered charity.


We are sure all of you wish them good luck in this epic three week drive and £2000 fuel bill...... Arthurs.... the caring bar.