The regiment is one of the newest established in The Sealed knot. The brainchild of former Lord General Robin Stinson, we have formed together with a common set of values and ideals around its membership

It has a diverse and mixed membership with families with small children to grandparents , and young single people new to ' knotting '

We are all inclusive, and welcome families to our cause. We have extensive experience in all aspects of this hobby with some members going back to 1974

In it's short history it has been all over the country to such venues as Blenheim Palace, Naseby and Basing House

Our members have been invited and attended several significant venues in Germany, Czech republic , and Holland, with invitations from like regiments re-enacting the 30 years war

In return we have played hosts to our colleagues from all over Europe who are now regulars to the battles , and firm friends

Many of our people have been involved in some form for many years, and are well versed in ensuring our new members are looked after and cared for

We have grown in recent years to a point where we can field a complete cannon crew, and can field both pike and musket

The social element of the regiment has and remains an integral part of our weekends . ' Arthur's bar ' is where we gather with our friends from other regiments, and guest regiments from europe.

..................Sometimes we just like it to ourselves!