The regiment is now actively recruiting people both nationwide, and in Europe. We are now recruiting new members to our ' band of brothers '

We encompose a great range of social activities of interest to those joining. The obvious activity is taking part in the battles themselves of which there is a range of roles you can choose from. Men and women can fight pike which is physically the most challenging on the field. As you may see from the video the ' push of pike ' involves full body contact in formation against the Kings forces

The fighting only comes after you have been trained and drilled by our instructors, so that you can partake in the battle safely, as well as looking the part in authentic 17th century uniforms and armour

Going musket is another option where you can fire muskets using real black powder in various firing and position options. The training here is somewhat more diligent due to the use of black powder, but it is also more attractive to a wider range of participants

We also fight with cannon, with Haselrigs cannon we call ' The iron lady ' which is one of the loudest and best served cannons in the army

To support the fighting troops we are always reliant on our loyal camp followers, who roam the battlefield and supply the participants with water and aid, as well as the role playing scenarios for the audience

Some folk like to experience the living history element of the sealed knot, where a host of activities and skills are on display to the general public.

This can range from 17th century cooking, weapons manufacture, childrens games, costume making, literature and many others skills from the period. Some of our people do not take part in any of this, and just enjoy the ambience and company over the weekend, and that's the great thing about this, you can do as little or as much as you wish, its your weekend!

After hours, when your admiring public have gone home, is where we go into socialising overdrive, with our own beer tent

Expect to be entertained, and to join in the singing , whilst drinking with new friends and old, in the beautiful English countryside in the summer. Usually in the grounds of an impressive manor house or castle



For membership enquiries and information contact

Ste Applegate      07800516675


Wanda Jones

Sir Arthur Haselrigs, your in good company !