2015 events now being looked at, starting with the ever popular Nantwich weekend on January 24th and 25th. It looks like a trip into Germany is on the cards for early July in Delitzch , which should be a great event to start the 2015 campaigning season


A brilliant weekend in deepest Dorset at Sherbourne Castle. Members arrived from the thursday and set up the new look ' Arthurs ' bar. Thurday and friday the numbers attnding were bolstered by people arriving fromg Germany, The Czech Republic and Slovakia. Friday night was a regimental private affair with some great songs and renditions from all corners of Europe. By consensus the outstanding act of the evening was Neil, the pretend welshman, with his rendition of ' Delilah '

Saturday we had no battle, and several of the regiment jumped on the Czech bus to go over to the Bovington Tank museum. The driver must have got his dodgy  sat nav off the market somewhere in Prague. He took a 70 seater coach through the narrow Dorset lanes , resulting in the predictable chaos and delays on the way. Well done to Ste who organised the trip, and who had to sit at the front of the bus with his eyes firmly shut!

A visit from the Lord General culminated in Haselrigs getting independant Company status. Not the Regimental one that we were hoping, but that's for next year

Sunday morning parade and battle was most enjoyable, with the new Private Lewis Marks getting mentioned in dispaches. The cannon crew had a number of problems on the field with only 14 shots off. 

Saturday night saw the demise of the barrel of proper job and a record number of litres of spirits lost in action. A special mention to the guys and girls who manned the bar and provided the catering for all the regiment and our guests, throughout the weekend. The final 'man down' at 6am wishes to remain anon.

Monday's battle was a very damp affair, with the cannon getting even fewer shots off. Well done to those going on the field in those conditions. The first casualty of the day was Robin, who sadly suffered some form of chemical attack and was last seen laid out in isolation


Over the weekend we raised some £1000 towards the regimental coffers. Thanks to the ever efficient Wanda for her sterling efforts in extorting monies from innocent passers by

Sometime during the weekend, we were treated to the unmistakable roar of the engines of 2 Lancaster bombers flying overhead on their way to Duxford, a rare treat for us all

Most of the company stayed over the tto the tuesday to avoid the bank holiday traffic, which gave us one more night in Arthurs. The first punch bowl mixed was very iffy, and may be the reason many of you are now suffering with' ' robins runs'. The second effort was much improved. It was just a case of saying an emotional farewell to our continental colleagues, packing up Arthurs and seperately heading home to all points on the compass

Jenna will be putting pics on the site shortly. There are some great shots on the haselrigs facebook page, with your permmision we will utilise